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We are your ancestors.
We are forgotten, but ever present.
We are unknown, but inescapable.
We are spurned, but still with and within you.
We are the men and women who long ago put ourselves into the bloodstream of the world.
At long and laborious labor we shaped the civilization of our time, not even aware that we were also shaping yours.
Those of your day who make your laws must study ours first.
The architects who build your houses must begin by mastering our knowledge of line and form.
Those who fight your wars first plot on maps the way we fought ours.
That which you learn by patient work and thought, you often find that we discovered ahead of you.
By multitude of invisible but potent hand we reach out and change you.
We are your ancestors.

Quoted from the book De Lauter Families in America,
A Genealogy by Pauline Grace De Lauter Fry

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